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How to Print, Scan, Copy, Fax: Print


Please note: the printers/copiers are NOT handled by the Library but through IT.

However, below is basic information to get you started.

For any questions, contact IT at or call 479-308-2233.


  • Click HERE to sign into your PRINT MANAGEMENT account

  • Every school year, your account is preloaded with $100 in print credit. What you don't use rolls over!

  • If you run out of print credit, you can load more. (Cool fact: You can transfer unused print credit to another student and share print credit love.)

  • When you send a print job, you do not send it to a specific printer but to the type of printer you want (black/white or color). You then release the print job from any printer that corresponds to your type of job. (Note: if you send a color print job and release it on a b/w printer, you will be charged b/w pricing.) You can even send your print job in advance and release it later; it should stay in the queue for 24 hours.
  • For all print jobs, select the Kyocera printersSimplex is single sided, duplex is double sided.

ARCOM Building: 

Black and White: dining area, team-based learning area, and the Library

Color: Library

Please do not use the copiers in second floor workroom; these are for faculty and staff only.

College of Health Sciences Building:

There are 3 printers, one on each floor of the College of Health Sciences building.

  • B/W = $0.10 per side, Color = $0.25 per side.

  • Need to print a ton of PowerPoint slides? You have to save the file as pdf. (PaperCut only accepts the following file types: PDF - pdf, and Picture Files - bmp, dib, gif, jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff.) Learn how below.

On a Mac: Click File, then Print. Adjust the layout options and other settings. Then select PDF on the left hand side and Save. (Watch video on how to do this here. Courtesy of Dr. Dan Lynch.)

On an iPad: Click File (document icon with three dots), Print, AirPrint, toggle through layout options and select your preferred layout, the click on Next. Don't click on Print - instead put your fingers in the middle of the preview and then expand. The preview will appear as a pdf. Now select the Share icon at the top right, where you can save the file.

On a PC: Click Print. Under Settings, select how many slides per page and the page range. Then select Microsoft Print to PDF. It will open as a PDF; then you can Save the file.