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Mobile Apps and Browser Extensions: Hypothesis Browser Extension/Bookmarklet

Hypothesis Browser Extension/Bookmarklet

What it does

Hypothesis is an annotation tool for websites. You can also annotate pdfs when viewed in your browser. Download as either a browser extension (for Chrome) or bookmarklet (for other browsers), sign up, log in, and start annotating the web.

This is a great resource for annotating ebooks or other e-content from the library. Just keep in mind that access to library resources ends when you are no longer part of our campus community.

Of note: this tool is integrated into AccessMedicine and AccessPhysiotherapy. When in a chapter, click annotate to prompt Hypothesis to open. See the example below.



How to set it up and use it

Step 1 - Create a free account

Sign up at

Step 2 - Add either the browser extension or bookmarklet.

From, you can install either the Chrome browser extension or add the bookmarklet to your preferred browser.

Step 3 - Start annotating.

Sign into your account. Then go to any page (or open a PDF in your browser), select text, and annotate.

Step 4 - Want to use on mobile devices? (Optional)

Follow these instructions: