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Grants and Funding: Getting Started

Finding, writing, and managing grants & funding

Is this Grant Opportunity Right For You?

When researching grant and funding opportunities, a question to ask is, "Is this grant or funding opportunity right for us?" It is not enough just to write grants. It is important that the grant fits and keeps you on track. 

Grant and funding opportunities require planning and time. When you come across a promising grant ask yourself a few questions. This may save you time and energy in the long run. 

  1. Is the purpose of the funding opportunity compatible with our mission, vision, and values?
  2. Is this part of our strategic plan? If so, has it been given a priority level?
  3. Is our institution eligible to apply?  
  4. Is the deadline doable, given the time and resources that are available?
  5. Is the dollar amount available through this opportunity compatible with your funding needs?
  6. Does the funding organization's mission, vision, and values align with our institution's mission, vision, and values?
  7. How competitive will the funding process be?
  8. How complex are the documentation requirements to support the funding opportunity? Do we have the time and resources to realistically meet those requirements?
  9. Can we fulfill the terms of the grant award from the funding organization? 

Source: Foundant Blog