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Faculty and Staff: Off Campus Access to Resources

Ensuring Access to Resources Off Campus

The Library aims to simplify access to resources by using OpenAthens, a single sign on access method. Previously, proxy prefixes in front of resource links were required for off campus access. Now, most resources no longer need a prefix. Simply place the resource link directly into platforms like Canvas. Users will use the OpenAthens login option the resources website.

Example: AccessMedicine (other Access products)

Users can access Harrison's directly from the link ( without a proxy prefix. Select "My Profile" at the top right and choose "Sign in via OpenAthens".

Example: ClinicalKey

You can log into ClinicalKey from their homepage...

...or from within a resource.

Either take you to this login page, where you should select "OpenAthens login".


The following library resources DO NOT support an OpenAthens login. For these, you will still need to use the proxy prefix:

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Grant's Dissection Videos
  • JOMI (Journal of Medical Insight)

You have two options for making proxied link:

Option 1. Use the OpenAthens proxy link generator.

Go to Copy into the box the link that you want to proxy. You can add multiple links to the box, separated by a space or new line. The generator will create the proxied links, which you can then copy and paste into Canvas, an email, etc.


Option 2. Add the proxy prefix to the beginning of the link:

i. Copy the link of the section you are linking and paste it into your work space (e.g., Notepad, Word).   

Example: Here is the link to chapter 3 from Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry. The link works on campus but when off campus, the user won’t be recognized as authorized and won’t get access.

ii. Copy & paste the proxy prefix directly in front of the full link you are linking. No spaces between the prefix and the full link.