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Faculty and Staff: Important Dates for Requesting Library Resources and Services

Request New Library Resource

The Library considers requests to add new resources, such as individual books, year round.

For larger, expensive resources, the Library has a deadline of October 1 in order to fully consider and potentially add to the following fiscal year proposed budget.

Please check the Library's A-Z Database/Resource page to check if the Library already licenses the resource.


Schedule Virtual Reality Service

The Library licenses the virtual reality software, Embodied Labs, and provides the software and hardware for use in instruction. Please make your selections for the lab(s), date(s), and preferred method of delivery using the following form.


If requesting more than three labs per semester, please contact your liaison library or

Due dates to schedule service:

Fall Semesters: February 15

Spring Semesters: August 15

Methods of delivery available:

Individual - online Students are provide a code to register an account. Lab(s) are completely asynchronously on the students' personal device.
Individual - in person using VR headset

Students schedule appointments with the library to complete the activity using the library virtual reality hardware.

*Note that individual appts. require a minimum of three weeks to complete. If selecting individual appts., select the date which is your completion/due date.

Group - online Faculty are provided a code to register and access online. Lab(s) are streamed in class, synchronously.

Labs available:

Name / Topic Details Time
Alfred - Vision and Hearing Loss Embody Alfred, a 74-year-old African American man with macular degeneration and high frequency hearing loss, as he spends time with family, visits the doctor, and receives a diagnosis. As Alfred goes about his daily life, you'll learn how deficits in hearing and vision affect communication and impact emotional well-being.

14:42  TOTAL

7:00  We are Alfred: Vision and hearing loss 

7:42  At The Peripheral

Beatriz - Alzheimer’s Disease Embody Beatriz, a middle-aged Latina woman, as progressive Alzheimer’s Disease causes changes in her brain. From the onset of symptoms to late stage disease and the transition to residential care, you’ll understand the profound effect Alzheimer’s has on daily life, from processing and cognition to relationships and emotional well-being.

23:15  TOTAL

8:00  First Signs: Early-Stage Alzheimer's and Dementia 

11:00  Progressing Impact: Mid-stage Alzheimer's 

4:15  Advancing Deficits: Late-Stage Alzheimer's

Clay - End of Life Conversations Embody Clay, a 66-year-old veteran with stage IV, terminal lung cancer as he comes to terms with the reality of his diagnosis. As Clay, you'll experience the transition to hospice care, learn the importance of clear, compassionate communication about end-of-life decisions and what to expect in the final days.

21:00  TOTAL

5:00  Receiving a Terminal Diagnosis: Conversations between the doctor and family 

9:00  Transitioning to Home Hospice: Conversations with members of the care team 

7:00  Last Days: Conversations in the last moments of life

Dima - Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) & Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Embody Dima, a Lebanese-American immigrant living with symptoms of both Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, as she transitions from life at home to a residential community. Through this experience, you'll learn to identify the differing symptoms of these two conditions and how to manage care as symptoms evolve.

28:30  TOTAL

8:00 A Changing Brain & Body: How symptoms of LBD & PD affect daily life 

10:00 Making Care Decisions: The unique challenges of LBD & PD 

10:30 From Home to Community Care: Best practices for handling transitions

Eden - Trans Health & LGBT Aging Embody Eden, a trans woman, and experience a series of personal encounters throughout the lifespan that are typical, defining moments of many older, transgender adults living today. You'll also have the opportunity to jump into the perspectives of additional older LGBT adults to explore the topics of home care, healthcare, family, and housing.

34:00  TOTAL

12:00 Becoming Eden: The life story of a 72-year-old trans woman 

22:00 LGBT Aging: Perspectives of Eden's new community

Frank - Social Isolation Embody Frank, a 72-year old man whose wife passed away a few months ago. In the first module, you'll experience the destructive impacts of social isolation and learn how it can overlap with loneliness, poor family relationships and health, and more. In the second module, you'll embody Frank again, but this time you'll see how Frank can have better health, more rewarding relationships, and find purpose again when offered proper support.

27:30  TOTAL

7:00  Home, Family & Environment: Recognizing common causes of isolation 

12:00  Unsuccessful Efforts: Identifying the consequences of isolation 

8:30  A Second Chance: Creating communities of supportive connection

Rosie - Home Health Assessments This lab allows learners to evaluate health and safety risks by honing their observation, communication, and assessment skills as they embody a social worker performing a series of home visits in response to concerning hotline calls.

14:00  TOTAL

7:00  Assessing Client Capacity 

7:00  Risk Assessment

Customer Service - Relationship Dynamics & Communication Strategies This lab focuses on personal relationships with co-workers, residents and family members. Experience vulnerability and anxiety as you rely on others for basic human needs in Problem Solving. Identify communication challenges and identify successful approach techniques in Personalized Care, and find ways to build trust and respect with your teammates in Becoming a Team.

20:30  TOTAL

7:00  Becoming a Team 

5:00  Personalized Care 

8:30  Problem Solving

Elder Safety & Well-being - Preserving Physical & Psychological Health This lab focuses on preserving physical and psychological health for older adults and their caregivers. Learn to maintain professionalism while assertively advocating for safe treatment of older adults in Intervention and De-escalation. Identify best practices for supporting older adults with a history of trauma by embodying a veteran with PTSD, and see the warning signs and risks associated with compassion fatigue in Caregiver Burnout.

18:00  TOTAL

7:00  Caregiver Burnout 

4:30  Intervention & De-escalation 

6:30  Trauma Informed Care